BuckleScript bindings for react-fela


Reason/BuckleScript bindings for react-fela. See also bs-react-fela-examples.

From Fela documentation:

Fela is a small, high-performant and framework-agnostic toolbelt to handle state-driven styling in JavaScript. It is dynamic by design and renders your styles depending on your application state.

It generates atomic CSS and supports all common CSS features such as media queries, pseudo classes, keyframes and font-faces. Fela ships with a powerful plugin API adding e.g. vendor prefixing or fallback value support.

Fela can be used with React or with any other view library. It even supports React Native.


yarn install

How to compile

yarn build

How to use (in your projects)


yarn add --dev @astrada/bs-react-fela

to add the library to your project dependencies. And add @astrada/bs-react-fela to dependencies node of your bsconfig.json.