Bucklescript bindings to date-fns

Bucklescript bindings to date-fns

Bindings for all date-fns functions as of 1.29.0. Currently still missing support for locales.

Getting started

npm install bs-date-fns --save

Add "bs-date-fns" to bs-dependencies in your project's bsconfig.json

Differences from original date-fns API

In bindings the date parameter is moved to last position in a bunch of functions to work better with currying and make better use of pipe operator. Most of these can be seen from types. The ones that have same types but are different from date-fns:

laterDate |> DateFns.isAfter(earlierDate) /* true */
DateFns.isAfter(earlierDate, laterDate) /* true */

earlierDate |> DateFns.isBefore(laterDate) /* true */
DateFns.isBefore(laterDate, earlierDate) /* true */

middleDate |> DateFns.isWithinRange(earliestDate, latestDate) /* true */
DateFns.isWithinRange(earliestDate, latestDate, middleDate) /* true */