BuckleScript bindings for tape


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BuckleScript bindings for tape.

There were already bindings for jest, but I find Jest to be pretty annoying to use, and a bit "too magical". So, I made this one.

Please be warned that I'm new to ReasonML / BuckleScript / OCaml, so there may be things herein that are non-idiomatic. PRs encouraged and welcomed!

Getting Started

First, install the package:

yarn add --dev bs-tape

Then, add bs-tape to your bs-dev-dependencies in your bsconfig.json:

  // ...
  "bs-dev-dependencies": [
    // ...
  // ...

Known Limitations and Differences from tape

  • equal has been decomposed into typesafe: equalStr, equalInt, and equalFloat
  • endTest replaces end (which is a reserved keyword)
  • end has been decomposed into typesafe: endTest and endTestIfNoErr
  • Given that "arbitrarily shaped" data structures are non-idiomatic in ReasonML (and OCaml), the following tape assertions are not supported, but can be effectively simulated by creating the appropriate expression with the == and ! operators, then invoking the ok assertion.

    • deepEqual
    • notDeepEqual
    • deepLooseEqual
    • notDeepLooseEqual


ISC. See the LICENSE file.