let reason-nact = (node.js, reason, actors) ⇒ your µ services have never been so typed

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let reason-nact = (node.js, reason, actors) ⇒ your µ services have never been so typed

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Any and all feedback, comments and suggestions are welcome. Please open an issue if you find anything unclear or misleading in the documentation.

This is the repository for the ReasonML bindings for Nact. If you'd like to view the javascript implementation, please head to https://github.com/ncthbrt/nact

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Nact is redux but for the server

Servers today are very different from those even 10 years ago. So why are we still programming like it's the 90s?

Inspired by the approaches taken by Akka and Erlang, Nact is an open source Node.js framework which enables you to take control of your state to:

  • more effectively use memory
  • improve application resiliance
  • increase performance
  • reduce coupling

With out of the box support for event sourcing, and a considered implementation of the actor model, Nact can work across a wide variety of domains.

Nact is no silver bullet, but it is evolving to tackle ever more demanding use cases. Perhaps one of them is yours?

Getting started

Run npm install --save reason-nact and add reason-nact to the bs-dependencies in bsconfig.json.

Full documentation at https://nact.io

How are you using Nact?

We would love to hear how you're using Nact. If you'd like to send feedback (bad or good) please email Nick Cuthbert at github@ncthbrt.com or join the Discord.


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